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Healthcare service providers all over the world have come to realize that, in order to offer the highest level of services to patients and to gain leadership in their fields, It is no longer sufficient to have a well-trained and skillful staff, but it is also a necessity and an urging need to apply the latest world renowned standards in health care information technology and management.

Hospital Management Information Systems are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for every Pioneering facility in the field of health.

The advantages of applying Healthcare Information Systems in medical facilities are numerous, starting from management of patient files and accounts to the management of all clinical and administrative functions that are undergone during the process of medical service, thus ensuring the highest standard of medical service that can be offered to patients.

Our HMS fulfill the prerequisites of the medical facility, but it is the unique software package in the market that is designed by physicians and pharmacists according to international standards.

It can ensure smooth and easy processing of the healthcare process in any medical facility as well as provide instant support to its users. It also gives its users the freedom to handle patient information at their own will, or under the guidance of our dedicated staff members.

Our main objectives while designing and developing this Systems is “the system should be extremely comprehensive, user friendly and flexible”.


HMS is bound to meet the project objectives that were stated as per your requirements:

» Facilitate the decision making process whether medical or administrative through providing real-time results and statistics to maintain the highest performance required in HMIS.
» Provide state-of-the-art services for both hospital staff and patients by using simple GUI, the user will enjoy simple and fast data entry and result acquiring.
» Assists the decision support system within the organization for both administrative and medical activities by delivering regular statistics and follow-up charts of all hospital and clinical activities throughout a given period.
» Maintain the proper levels of information privacy and security around all activities.
» Meets the various user and divisional requirements by providing unique yet highly integrated modules to serve the requirements of each division according to its activities and needs.
» Provide the hospital with an integrated, high performance state- of-the-art information system.
» Provide users with the last modifications of data on line.
» Facilitate the information access all over the hospital through highly integrated and informative modules.


1. Master Patient Index - MPI 20.Price Lists
2.ADT(Admission, Discharge, Transfer) 21.Provider Account (Claims)
3.Emergency 22.Services Packages
4.Out-Patient Clinics 23.Medical Insurance Account
5.Reservation (Scheduling) 24.Patient Billing
6.Medical Records 25.Cashier(s) and Shifts
7.Pharmacy & Medical Stores: 26.Accounts Payable and Receivable
8.Drug Directory 27.Dietary Service
9.Laboratory 28.Physicians Account
10.Radiology 29.Purchasing
11.Pathology Lab 30.Inventory Management:
12.Radiotherapy (Nuclear medicine) 31.General Ledger:
13.Operation Theatre 32.Fixed Assets
14.Order Management 33.Human Resources
15.Nurse Station 34.Time Attendance
17.Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 35.Payroll
18.Blood Bank 36.Governmental full Insurance